Interviews and Meetings are Scary

On this episode of the never-ending job hunt:

One of the high schools I have applied at let me know they will be scheduling interviews in the next few weeks.


  • This school is incredibly close to my house so I would have no commute
  • It is in my same district so I wouldn’t have to do any new forms
  • It is a beautiful newly renovated theatre.


  • I am worried my current admin will sabotage me since it looks bad on them for me to just move to a different school
  • It might really hurt my current students’ feelings to have to compete against me next year since I will look like a traitor
  • This school has a great reputation that I would have to live up to.
  • My current school is already interviewing and hiring for open positions, so I can’t help but feel that this might be them pushing me aside while they look.

Another high school told me they have passed my information along to the district Fine Arts Director. Honestly, I really would love to be at this school. The commute is a bit longer than my current one, but I would get a pay increase with less responsibilities. Those two pros definitely outweigh the commute con.

One of the out-of-state schools contacted me regarding my certifications to see if an interview could be set up. Then they mentioned that the position was actually mostly teaching a different subject I am not certified in with 2 classes that I am certified in. They asked if I was interested in getting that certification. I looked into it, but I cannot learn all that material in time to properly teach it.

A different out-of-state school had a similar inquiry. But the other certification they want would be easier to learn, but still makes me un-ideal at present.

Another school e-mailed me and scheduled a phone interview for 2:30 today.


  • They are in my state, only about 45 minutes away
  • It is a performing arts academy
  • It is not the time commitment that most high school extracurriculars require


  • This district laid off 70 teachers this year. How do I know I wouldn’t be scrapped next year?
  • I am pretty sure it is a pay drop. Depending on the stipend, it could be a pretty large drop
  • I have never taught this grade range

People at school keep asking me about plans for next year. I am having to pretend that I will be here. I actually have my end-of-the-year summative conference tomorrow morning with one of the APs here on campus. He is a good AP. He had nothing to do with me being booted. That being said, I’m sure he is aware of how little that meeting is going to mean to me.

“What are your professional development plans for next year?”

“Uh, find a new job?”

“What can you do to change things that went wrong this year?”


And I have been avoiding all of the admin since the awful meeting with the principal. Not that I have been hiding in my classroom, but I have been hiding in my classroom. Tomorrow’s meeting will put me directly in the administrative office. Right in the snake pit. The hornet’s nest. The enemy’s territory. The Fire Swamp with all of the ROUSes.

For now I will focus on getting through lunch.


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