Being Judged is Uncomfortable

I had an interview for a teaching position.

The school is incredibly nice. The campus is only about 5 years old. Everything is new and clean.

I always assume I will get lost or something, so I left home early just in case. I didn’t have any problems, but I did have to turn around because I wasn’t able to turn into the school on the side of the road I was on. I also am always chronically early and forget about this in my guestimate of how long it will take so I know when I need to leave. I showed up 40 minutes early.

I stayed in my car for 20 minutes, playing on my phone. Trying not to look like a creeper, seeing as it was drop-off time and parents were letting their students out of cars and I was just sitting there, lurking.

I went in to the office at that point, because I was feeling strange and jumpy.

They signed me in and I sat and waited.

I don’t think they meant to schedule my interview when they did. I was told they would need me to wait until after morning announcements. My interview ended up starting 15 minutes later than scheduled.

It was a panel. Two assistant principals and the department head of electives. They were friendly, and smiled, and took copious notes whenever I talked.

I feel like two of them liked me and one seemed wary of me. She seemed overly suspicious of why I was applying to teach that grade, at that school, in that district, what I wanted to do, and more. She kept going back to other questions and asking for more details on them. On stuff that wasn’t part of the initial question.

Some people just have suspicious or inquisitive demeanors, I tried assuring myself. It’s fine.

At the end, when I asked what the next steps were, they told me they have more interviews next week and hope to fill the position within two weeks.

Part of me feels like I did well, but part of me thinks that the assistant principal who kept raising her eyebrow at me was really not fond of me. She kept making comments regarding the many differences between what I currently do and have done versus that school.

I didn’t wear a shirt that said “untrustworthy” but apparently she sensed something she didn’t like.

Maybe my nerves?

Interviews are awkward and forced. I am trying to do a dog and pony show and give you all the perfect answers and make you laugh at my jokes and convince you that you need this amazing new product – me!

Two weeks. They hope.


I need something to get my mind off of over-analyzing all my weird answers.

Maybe another job interview? Anyone? Anyone?


No pressure!

Heh. Heh. Right.


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