I Am Sitting in My Last Faculty Meeting at This School

It is the big, end-of-the-year meeting. Here are all the things we have to do to prepare for next year! Make sure you do this to have a nice, easy set-up for next year! Please get this filled out so we can get you your schedules for next year!


This is obviously incredibly useful to me, seeing as I will not be here next year.

Also, I have been doing a marvelous job of avoiding all administration, as well as most faculty.

Except now.

When I am sitting in the Auditorium.

Surrounded by them.



How awkward.

I have sequestered myself into a corner way in the back. I am hiding in my laptop, trying to draw no attention to myself.

Granted, this means that a ton of people are stopping to talk to me.

“Oh, are you leaving? Why?”

I am trying to melt into the floor, camouflage into the wall, disappear into thin air.

So far, administration has looked over towards me but is avoiding me. This is more than fine by me. I am so uncomfortable here.

Someone just said there are 17 school days left. I can do this.



Oh yeah! Apparently they offered my job to someone. My job that they posted a whole month before telling me. That I thought was for a position that worked with me, so I helped advertise.

(Not that I am bitter.)

The man is a friend of mine, though. He asked, so I told him what is happening with me. I also told him my kids are great, so please don’t let my bad experience make the decision for him. If he wants the job, take it! I would be 100% comfortable with him being the one with my kids.

I do understand why he is hesitant to take the job, though. They, of course, are not telling him what happened with me and they are unaware that he knows. He is uneasy because how does he know this won’t happen to him?

I get it.


I have still only had that one actual interview. I should hear if I am being offered that job by the end of next week.

One school did some pre-interview video thing and I should find out within 2 weeks if they want to interview me.

A Fine Arts Director for a position that I would really like contacted me. I should be getting interviewed next Monday, if everything works out. Fingers crossed!

Other than that, nothing.

Oh wait, no. There have been several positions that have been filled internally, so I was never technically considered. At least I can cross them off my master list.

But yeah. Things are fine.

Totally fine.


Am I fooling anyone? I definitely am not kidding myself.


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