I Am Not a Grief Counselor

There was an active shooter in a nearby district. The situation is still being reported. Definite injuries, no numbers yet. Shooter obtained. Ambulances and Life Flights have taken injured. There are multiple casualties.

Our principal came on with an announcement about the situation. We are staying in school today. Talk to your teachers, talk to your counselors.

How am I supposed to function the rest of today?

And after the whole bomb incident last week.

I don’t want to do this.

I don’t want to be part of this anymore.

Those poor kids. Two weeks left of school. They had a Lock Down drill due to a shooter rumor just two months ago.

On April 20th (the Columbine anniversary), when students wanted to do a peaceful walkout, our school told them no. Students tried to organize other events. Continued to get told “not right now”.

When is it alright?

When is it enough?

When is it too much?

Because for some people, it is already too late.


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