Eight Days is Not a Lot of Time

It is the final two weeks.

I keep a countdown up for my students. Sometimes hearing that there are 8 days left of school is one thing, but actually being able to see it and see the specific day you have finals makes you realize just how soon all of that is happening.

To date, I have applied for 35 positions.


To date, I have been offered zero.


This metaphoric water is rising and I am panicking.

We did the math over the weekend to see what is the minimum I need to make a month for us to just scrape by.

I need to make $2500 a month (after taxes).

Not really in a positive mind frame today. Or recently, I suppose.

Obligatory “it will get better, things will work out” nonsense.

I’m trying, really. I am. I know it doesn’t look like it. But I am.



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