There is So Much to Do

Tomorrow is my last day with students. And then a day with just teachers for summer check-out. So I have been quite busy dealing with finals, bringing home the last of my stuff, cleaning everything, organizing all of my “end-of-year” papers.

I had an interview yesterday that went really well. I just got informed by the principal that she is passing my name on to the superintendent as her choice. Soon the superintendent will contact me and, if they like me, recommend me to their school board. In other words, I may have a job! Yay!

This is a huge relief!

Still waiting on Macbeth information but I have pretty much thrown that out the window. The director apparently had callbacks. I saw his status about it on Facebook, so, you know, I obviously wasn’t invited. Sigh.

I auditioned last night for a show called Born Yesterday at a dinner theatre nearby. Should probably hear back by the end of this week? There is only one part I am eligible for and I do not think I will get it. I feel like I read really well for the part, but I have a feeling he will cast another lady instead.

(Funny side note: she is actually the theatre teacher at the intermediate school that feeds into my current high school.)

Based on the men who were there, she fits the casting better than I do. While this same thing made me sad for Macbeth, I get it for this show.

It is what it is.

Maybe also the whole “potentially having a job” thing is keeping me chill.

With a possible job and no show rehearsals, I think the mini-vacation is back on the table. I better get looking at hotel costs and such; because if we go, it would be in about 5 weeks. The longer I procrastinate, the more expensive it will be. Must plan and organize pronto! If it all works out, this would be amazing. Lord knows I could use a break!

Still incredibly busy, though. I feel like I have 800,000 things to do but only 5 minutes to attempt to accomplish them all. Back to the grind I go!


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