The Tummy Bug Has Hit Our House

There is nothing worse than watching a tiny baby projectile throwing up. It was everywhere. And there was nothing I could do.

She woke up Friday night around midnight, bawling. I rush into the nursery just in time to see her throw up all over in her crib. This is the first time she has ever really thrown up (not counting major spit-ups when she was tiny). She was still groggy from being asleep, obviously not feeling well, and now confused by all this stuff everywhere. I quickly swept her up into my arms so she would stop rolling in it. Stripped her down, got her clean, changed her crib sheets, and got the laundry going.

She was still miserable and we followed a similar pattern the whole night. Since she didn’t want to be alone, we alternated holding her. We both got puked on multiple times. We just kept her in a diaper at this point, no jammies. Continuous cleaning, continuous laundry, continuous attempts to calm and comfort her.

She finally fell back asleep at 6:30. She was only able to sleep for an hour before the whole cycle started again.

We called our pediatrician and they asked us how soon we could get her there. We hustled the poor mini to the doctor’s office.

Apparently there is a bad stomach bug that has been going around the local pre-schoolers and the doctor says it has spread to the little siblings. Unfortunately, at this age, there is nothing we can do but let them slowly work it out of their systems. To try to combat dehydration, she is on Pedialyte and has one yogurt each night. Otherwise, we are supposed to let her eat and drink normally in the hopes that she can keep something down.

She refused solids all through the weekend. But she was drinking her Pedialyte and milk, and she would eat the yogurt.

Thankfully, she hasn’t gotten sick since Monday.

It was awful, though. She’d throw up and look up at me, crying, like “Mama, why aren’t you helping me?”

I’m so thankful she seems to be on the mend.

Unfortunately, my husband and I have now caught the bug.

But at least it isn’t her!


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