Another Work Conference

But not me. My husband.

He left this morning. He will be gone throughout the week.

We FaceTimed him just before bedtime and I could see that he was getting some idea of what I went through a few weeks back.

You don’t think it will be hard. It’s only a few days, after all. But she is growing up SO FAST. She is a full-fledged toddler now. She is just obsessed with running all over the house and trying to climb everything, all while chattering away.

Meanwhile, I will see pictures of her on “this day last year” and she was SOOOOO TINY.

So yes, it sucks to be away from her for even a handful of days since you don’t know how much she will have changed.

We are starting to teach her to swim, too. She loves being in the pool. I also am looking into some form of gymnastics class for her for fall.

I just want to make sure she has everything she needs. To be able to grow up knowing that she is capable of anything.

Uh oh. She just started crying. So for now I will make sure she knows that she can always snuggle with me when she has a bad dream.


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