I Need to Learn My Lines

I got cast in a play!

I actually thought the audition went pretty well, but I figured I would only get considered for a supporting part due to my age. So imagine my surprise when I was offered the early 20s lead!

I am very excited. But also incredibly nervous.

It has been more than 2 years since I have been in a full length play. It has been more than 4 years since I have been the lead in a full length play.

I have directed many plays in that time (and therefore ended up learning all of the lines). I have played supporting parts in a few.

I was highlighting my lines and (obviously) there are a lot.

And my character runs the gamut of an emotional roller coaster during the show. After all, she gets possessed by the evil spirits in a house!

We start rehearsal next week. And then I miss the entire second week of rehearsal since we will be on vacation.

I don’t want to

  • look like a diva who doesn’t care about the rest of the cast
  • make the entire show fall behind
  • put myself at risk of failure

Hence, I am trying to start on my lines now. That way, once we start the rehearsals, the rest of the cast won’t be nervous about me being gone for a week. They will see that I take the show seriously.

(Plus, it lets me try to make sure I won’t look like a fool)

I just haven’t done this in so long! I know that I can perform the role – acting is one of the few areas where I am actually decently confident in my abilities. But learning a part this quickly (granted, by my own pressure), is new and tricky. And as mentioned, I am rusty.

But this is the perfect show for me to make my acting “re-debut”. It is a small theatre I have never done anything at. Plus, the rehearsal schedule is only 3 days a week. This was amazing news, because that means I can ease myself into motherhood full time/working full time/theatre for my personal hobby part time.

I am excited!

Nervous, but excited.



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