I Turned My Hair Orange

I dyed my hair purple and pink at the start of the summer… to cheer me up after a pretty crap couple of months, you know.

Most of the color has washed out, but there is still quite a bit of pink.

Well, I am in a play that takes place in the 1940s. It opens in 3 weeks. My character wold definitely NOT have pink hair.

So I did what one normally does. I bought one of those boxed dyes in my natural color. Boxes that I have used plenty of times before with the usual results.


My hair is now a brassy orange, bleachy color.

Honestly, I was legitimately crying last night. I was so upset. I did not have it in me to deal with this too. I tried calling around to salons to go pay a ton to get it professionally done. But because it is Sunday, everybody closes at 6.

Which is stupid. Why? Augh.

Thank goodness I don’t have students until next week. But I do have professional development today. I have it up with a ton of mousse and hairspray, to try to mask how awful it is.

I am hoping to get out early so that I can rush to a salon and pay a bunch for them to fix it.

Why it happened this time, I’ll never know. But it really makes me sad.



It looks so bad.


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