My Show Opens on Friday

Our play opens up on Friday.

I know my lines and my part pretty well. I know all of my blocking. I have all of my costumes.

But I am not ready for the show to open.

Here’s why:

This is my first time doing a play again since before I got pregnant. With this marking my return to getting to act on stage, I really want it to go well. Therefore, I have put a lot of effort into not letting my cast mates (or myself, if I am being honest) down.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a few people in the cast.

One lady was really struggling with her lines a lot and kept saying she was working on them. We all offered to help and she never took us up on it. Thankfully, she has actually gotten much better in the past few days, so she is getting there.

But there is one man in the play who really does not know his lines at all. Out of the 6 different scenes, I would say he is 75% correct and confident in 1 of them. He is probably 50% in 2 more. He is about a third of the way there in 2 more.

And there is one scene that he maybe remembers two of his lines? He doesn’t know ANYTHING for that scene.

And… His part is a major part. His character is leading the rest of us on an experiment. His character is often informing our characters of things we don’t know. So it isn’t like we can even help out by hinting to him (which is what often happens when someone is dropping lines all over the place – the other actors help guide them towards their lines).

We are down to our final three rehearsals. And I actually cannot be at the one on Thursday since it is Open House at the school I work at.

I may be ready, but the show is not.


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