It’s Opening Night

The show opens up tonight.

I did really well at the rehearsal on Wednesday. I know that I have done all that I can and am confident in my own performance. I cannot make that same statement for someone else in my cast.

I was not able to attend last night’s rehearsal, due to Open House at my school. I am hoping (despite all odds pointing to ‘no’), that the other actor had pulled himself together and finally learned his part.

As of Wednesday, he had finally learned most of the middle scenes but magically forgot the entirety of the last scene.

My character is crazy by that point and they are throwing her out despite her not wanting to go. So I can’t even cue him along.

“Are you about to throw me out?”

“Yes, we are throwing you out!”

“No! I won’t go!”

That doesn’t really work.

You know what actually bothers me the most?

The director is always getting on me if I am even off the slightest bit with paraphrasing or skipping one word. If I say “Go away! Leave me alone.” and the line is actually “Just leave me alone!”, they will stop rehearsal to correct me. And then make a note again at the end that I need to look at my lines.

But he doesn’t know whole chunks and they never even say anything along the lines of “Maybe you could look at your lines.”

I suppose they think that obviously he must know he needs to look at his lines since he doesn’t know any. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though.

I had been really excited about the fact that I was finally going to be the last one to get to do my bows, too. The bow order in shows goes from the smallest part to the lead. In my adult acting career (outside of school shows), I have been near the end, even second to last, before. But this would be my first show to really get to take the final bow.


The director decided to have me bow second to last.

The guy who hasn’t learned his lines is getting to bow last.



I am frustrated. This show has ended up being some of my very best acting work to date. But if he doesn’t do his part, it won’t matter.


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