Not All Days are the Same

Not even all hours are the same.


I know at first, you are thinking, “Well, duh. How does this cause you anxiety?”

I am referring to routines. Things that should be the same whenever you do them.

Presently, I am talking about my classes.

I teach three different preps. That means that out of my 7 classes, three are the same subject (Intro), another three are the same (intermediate), and the last one is the only class of that material (advanced). All of my intro courses are doing the same material on the same day, etc.

Obviously the students in the class make the difference. I am not saying that I thought the students in one of my intermediate classes would learn and behave exactly the same way that the other intermediate classes learn and behave.

I am referring to the lack of consistency even within the same class periods.

Plain and simple, my 4th period class is my worst class.

(If teachers ever tell you that they love all of their classes and students the same, they are lying. Of course we have favorites.)

The mix of students and when the class period happens just makes that class terrible. That is fine. Whatever. Most of the time, they are doing a modified version of what the other intermediate classes are doing, since I know they will not get to do the final activity due to being off task. Yet they will occasionally spring it on me and work. Which is great! That is a nice surprise.

I really hate when other classes conspire to suddenly be THE WORST when they are normally great. Especially with how my day is broken down.

1: OK
2: great
3: good/great
5: OK
6: OK/not good
8: good

With lunch being after my third period, my morning is normally pretty nice. I have conference 7th period, so 4-6 is usually pretty rough. Then I recuperate during my conference and teach my last class.

So I normally have planned and prepared for the middle of the day to suck. But sometimes they decide to up the ante on themselves even more.

“Just how awful can we be today? Can we break our record from last week?”

These days can clearly be disheartening. And it feels like when one class is truly awful, they somehow infect the next class period. They leave their awful behavior hats on the desks for the next class to pick up and wear.

Yesterday was one of those days. Morning and end of the day went fine. But that middle chunk…

4th period didn’t get to play the new game because they wouldn’t focus. Oh well. Not unheard of. 5th period was “fun” because a student threatened me and was physically removed from my room. 6th period also didn’t get to play the game because they were so horrendous that I had them copy directly from the text book. I had them do the section talking about behavior and etiquette.

Either way, I was seriously contemplating quitting.

Now it is time to see if today will be more of the same or if they will participate.


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