I’m Waiting on Letters of Recommendation

My grad school application is almost complete!

  • I finished my letter about why they should accept me
  • I got my official GRE scores
  • I have my transcripts
  • I assembled a portfolio about our current show
  • I wrote an essay explaining obstacles we had and how I overcame them

Now to wait on my letters of recommendation. I sent requests to six different people. I only needed three, but I wanted to ask extra in case someone said no. The three who were my first picks all told me they would write letters.

I figure if I haven’t received the letters by tomorrow, I will reach out to ask. It has been two weeks since they agreed. I don’t want to rush them; but the earlier I get this sent out, the better. I am nervous about how to phrase it. I don’t want to appear pushy.

“I really appreciate you writing this letter for my graduate school application. Now that I have finished my application, I wanted to know if there was any other information you needed from me?”

“Thank you so much for agreeing to write me a letter of recommendation for graduate school. As I have been finishing my application, I wanted to reach out to see if you needed any other information from me?”

They are doing me a huge favor by spending their own personal time on this. I hate to ask, but it is time sensitive…

Will either of these come across alright?

Am I over-analyzing? Yeah, probably.


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