The Weather Wanted to Redecorate

We knew it was going to rain last night. And it did. Hard. We ended up cancelling our trick-or-treating plans. Next year will be her first time going out.

But the rain never let up.

The lightning began around 7:30PM. Our first emergency broadcast went off at 8, and we had another 30 minutes later.

The thunderstorm was so hard it actually woke the baby up around 10PM. It took awhile for her to get back to sleep. She sometimes gets scared during storms, so we snuggled until she fell back asleep.

Around midnight there was a loud crash against our house.

Thankfully, the baby cried a bit but went back to sleep. My husband and I went to look at what it was.


Hmmm. That patio set isn’t ours!

The umbrella is huge and was open. It is what caused all the noise when it hit our house.

I am glad it didn’t break through our glass door right there. Luckily it hit about three feet away from the door, so on the wall instead. But this is a big metal umbrella. And from who knows where!

Honestly, we have no clue whose it is. Nobody lives in the house next to us on that side, so it didn’t come from that yard.

This morning we put it out on the curb. Hopefully the owner will look for it and find it.

And hopefully the weather will calm down a bit. We don’t want to fly to Oz!


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