I Need Spring Break

Two days. I can make it!

Some pros and cons from recently:

Pro: NO CANCER! Yay! Still have stitches in my face, but they are coming out Saturday morning.

Con: It does not look like I got into grad school. Someone I know who applied to the same program posted her acceptance e-mail last night. radio silence on my end, so the magic eight ball in my head says “all signs point to no”.

Pro: I am not distraught? I’m bummed, but surprisingly nonchalant.

Anyways, not sure how much longer I am going to keep doing this. It is not as stress-relieving as it was last year.

I want to sleep.


I Mailed My Application Today

Yup. My grad school application is officially in the mail and out of my control.

So I just wait.


Which I (obviously) am wonderful at.

Oh boy.

Confrontation is the Worst

Even digital.

I sent out an e-mail to each of the people who agreed to write me a letter of recommendation over a month ago. I let them know that I appreciated that they had said they would write me a letter. I let them know that I was hoping to get my application out into the mail by this Friday, but I could not send the application without the letter.

My entire application is complete except for the letters.

There is nothing for me to do except wait.

But the grad program has already started accepting applicants.

I NEED to get my application in.

I am going to be so upset if the spots all fill up and I wasn’t even able to apply because of something entirely out of my hands.

I tried to be as polite as possible.

But it was still terrifying.

I really hope I get those letters 😦

I’m Waiting on Letters of Recommendation

My grad school application is almost complete!

  • I finished my letter about why they should accept me
  • I got my official GRE scores
  • I have my transcripts
  • I assembled a portfolio about our current show
  • I wrote an essay explaining obstacles we had and how I overcame them

Now to wait on my letters of recommendation. I sent requests to six different people. I only needed three, but I wanted to ask extra in case someone said no. The three who were my first picks all told me they would write letters.

I figure if I haven’t received the letters by tomorrow, I will reach out to ask. It has been two weeks since they agreed. I don’t want to rush them; but the earlier I get this sent out, the better. I am nervous about how to phrase it. I don’t want to appear pushy.

“I really appreciate you writing this letter for my graduate school application. Now that I have finished my application, I wanted to know if there was any other information you needed from me?”

“Thank you so much for agreeing to write me a letter of recommendation for graduate school. As I have been finishing my application, I wanted to reach out to see if you needed any other information from me?”

They are doing me a huge favor by spending their own personal time on this. I hate to ask, but it is time sensitive…

Will either of these come across alright?

Am I over-analyzing? Yeah, probably.

I Did Better in Math than I Thought

When you take the GRE on a computer, it tells you your “unofficial” scores directly after. It is your unofficial score, because the computer is only able to score two of the three sections.

I got a 156 in quantitative reasoning. This was a higher score than I got on any of the practice tests I took. My practice range had been about 150-153. Yay! The math score that counts was higher!

My verbal reasoning score was a 155, though. In practice tests I had been getting in the range of 159-163. I didn’t feel like it was terribly different. I don’t know if subconsciously I was so nervous about math that I just didn’t pay close attention? Boo on the score that counts being lower.

The third section involves two essays. Those each get scored out of 6. I feel like I wrote pretty decent pieces, but I guess I will find out in about 2 weeks. For now, there is nothing else I can do but wait. My GRE scores seem to fall in a pretty good range for acceptance.

I just have a few pieces left to knock out before I can submit my application. I have already put together all of the other parts, including proof of application to the university proper, official transcripts, resume, essay on why they should pick me, teaching certificate.

I am waiting to receive my letters of recommendation. I need three, and I sent requests to five people last week. Two have confirmed they will do it. No response from the other three yet. I am planning on sending another request to a sixth person today, just in case. I will follow up with the others at the start of next week? I don’t want to appear pushy.

The final piece is the portfolio. It needs to have 6 pictures and an essay. I am supposed to show different elements from a show I was part of at a school and explain my job and how we overcame problems. I have been taking pictures of the different technical elements for the contest piece I am directing currently. I have a picture of my set design, my lighting presets. I am going to take a picture of the costumes tomorrow, many that I had to hand sew the alterations on since the school does not have a sewing machine. I am going to take a picture of some of the set decor and additional set pieces that I am going to have to make and build myself. Since I am now a one-person team, I am planning on writing about my lack of tech experience being the problem and here is how I have tackled the issues one at a time. I figure that being honest about my weaknesses will show them that I really do want to get into this program to get better!